High-speed rail deserves support from Californians
David Dutton - 05/10/2007
Like many Silicon Valley CEOs, I travel a lot for work. When I'm in Europe or Asia, I frequently use high-speed trains. In Germany I take the InterCityExpress or ICE. In Taiwan it's the Taiwan High Speed Rail, or THSER. And in China I take the Shanghai Maglev Train, which zips the 30 kilometers between downtown Shanghai and Pudong International Airport in 7 minutes, 20 seconds. That's 431 kilometers (or roughly 269 miles) per hour.
Group wants regular train service back
Will Oremus - 03/14/2007
Officials from around San Mateo County who are circulating a resolution calling for more local Caltrain service are standing by their assertions in the face of criticism from the transit agency's top executive.
'Baby bullets' wound cities
Laura Ernde - 07/06/2006
Caltrain's fast-running "baby bullet" service has been hailed for lifting the struggling commuter train service out of its dot-com bust doldrums.
Ridership growth tops national list
Edward Carpenter - 04/06/2006
The popularity of Caltrain's Baby Bullet service helped earn the agency the largest ridership increase of any commuter rail system in the nation last year, according to a report released Wednesday.
Baby Bullets aiding Caltrain's bottom line
Staff - 11/10/2005
Caltrain reported today it is headed in the right direction, with ridership and revenue steadily on the rise since the introduction of Baby Bullet trains last year.
Riders get a bang out of Bullets
Dave Murphy - 08/02/2005
The first day of Caltrain's expanded service went smoothly Monday, with riders praising the added trains for making their commutes shorter and less stressful.
Baby Bullet service expands
Dave Murphy - 08/01/2005
Caltrain dramatically expands its Baby Bullet service starting today, adding five trains in each direction and including stops at the San Mateo, Redwood City, Menlo Park and Sunnyvale stations, plus the Tamien one that links with light-rail service in San Jose.
Caltrain to add bullets
Edward Carpenter - 07/06/2005
Baby Bullet riders are raving about a plan to double the number of weekday trains between San Francisco and San Jose.
Baby Bullet trains add more runs
David L. Beck - 05/02/2005
Hoping to outrun a looming deficit, Caltrain rolls out two more runs of its popular Baby Bullet trains today. And 10 more are still to come in August, bringing bullet service to more Peninsula and South Bay stations.
Caltrain to double Baby Bullet service
Staff - 04/25/2005
Caltrain said Monday it will offer the highest number of trains in the railroad's 141-year history, including 22 Baby Bullet trains, and will hike fares to help close a projected $13.6 million budget gap.
Caltrain loading more Baby Bullets
Renee Koury - 03/15/2005
Caltrain is proposing sweeping changes beginning this summer that could include more than doubling the number of popular Baby Bullet runs between San Jose and San Francisco, raising fares an average of 17.5 percent, and suspending service to at least two little-used train stations.
Agency reveals likely bullet train routes
Michael Cabanatuan - 11/11/2004
California's High-Speed Rail Authority released a tentative map Wednesday for the proposed but unfunded San Francisco-to-Los Angeles bullet train that temporarily lacks a link between the Bay Area and the Central Valley and chooses to use the median of Interstate 880 to get from Union City to San Jose.
Ridership fond of Caltrain's Baby Bullet
Marisa Lagos - 11/10/2004
It looks like Caltrain's $163 million bet on its "Baby Bullet" train has paid off.
Faster trains add to some riders' woes
Gary Richards - 07/19/2004
Q: Now that you've asked about Caltrain's Baby Bullet, I can vent. The time saved is great, but when I get on the southbound train from Hillsdale at 7:37 a.m., it's packed. One day I gave up looking for a seat and just stood until Palo Alto.
Baby bullet a big draw
Renee Koury - 07/19/2004
Chuck Gasperi has a tip for Caltrain riders who want to avoid parking hassles and crowds on the popular Baby Bullet trains, which whisk passengers between San Francisco and San Jose in less than an hour.
Baby Bullet fast if you can catch it
Arthur Ringham - 07/07/2004
Recent articles about the Baby Bullets from San Francisco to San Jose have cited time savings Caltrain is touting for peak-hour commuters on these faster trains. Before Baby Bullets, the fastest "limited" trains took 77 minutes from San Jose to San Francisco versus 57 minutes for Baby Bullets, a savings of 20 minutes.
Baby Bullet has neighbors squealing
Justin Nyberg - 06/23/2004
As any parent knows, a baby is bound to create a few sleepless nights.
Caltrain shoots BB train
Justin Jouvenal - 06/07/2004
After two years of construction, $110 million and numerous headaches for commuters, Caltrain will launch its much anticipated "baby bullet" express trains today.
Peninsula commute receives a speed boost
Dan Stober - 06/06/2004
CalTrain's long-awaited Baby Bullet service begins Monday carrying rush-hour commuters from San Jose to San Francisco in 57 minutes, a half-hour quicker than some of today's trains.
Baby bullet hits the Peninsula
Brian Foley - 06/05/2004
"We are delivering a baby today!" announced County Supervisor Mike Nevin at the unveiling of the long-awaited "baby bullet" train Friday, set to begin service on Caltrain's tracks Monday.
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