Officials fail to resolve rail board impasse
Dan Weikel - 10/05/2010
Amid budget talks last week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders tried to ease restrictions in a state conflict-of-interest law so that two prominent officials from Anaheim and Los Angeles could remain on the board of the California high-speed rail project.
Peninsula cities sue to derail HSR project
Jesse Dungan - 10/04/2010
A coalition of Peninsula cities and organizations on Monday sued the California High-Speed Rail Authority in another bid to derail its $43 billion bullet train project.
Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton sue HSR
Gennady Sheyner - 10/04/2010
Palo Alto, Atherton and Menlo Park launched a fresh lawsuit Thursday against the California High-Speed Rail Authority, claiming the state agency violated state laws when it approved a comprehensive study evaluating the Bay Area-to-Central Valley segment of the 800-mile high-speed rail system.
Brown: Whitman against high-speed rail
Mike Brown - 10/01/2010
If you don't want to hear anymore about California High-Speed Rail's (HSR) plan to bankrupt California with another $100 billion of unnecessary debt (apparently financed and lent to California by the Chinese government, no less) then vote for Meg Whitman for governor.
Caggiano: Forget HSR
Mike Caggiano - 10/01/2010
The "Dig it or Dump it" under ground or nothing) crowd are onto something and I think they have it right.
Voltz: Candidates on high-speed rail
Charles E. Voltz - 10/01/2010
Nothing has energized the Peninsula in recent years like the controversy over high-speed rail.
Schwarzenegger vetoes Holocaust past bill
Dan Weikel - 10/01/2010
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed legislation that would have required rail companies interested in working on the California high-speed train project to admit whether they transported people to concentration camps during World War II.
University, Palo Alto concerned about HSR
Cassandra Feliciano - 10/01/2010
With Palo Alto's substantial nine-to-five demographic, it's no wonder the city's ridership at the University Avenue Caltrain station is through the roof-second only to San Francisco. But just two years into its planning phase, the California High Speed Rail Project faces derailment by public opinion from the city and the Farm.
HSR project gets $194 million grant
Staff - 09/30/2010
California is getting a $194 million federal grant to fund planning of a 520-mile high-speed rail line.
Chinese HSR dramatically cuts down travel
Staff - 09/30/2010
A new high-speed train linking Chinese cities Shanghai and Hangzhou has hit speeds of 416.6 kilometers an hour on its trial run on Tuesday, China Daily reported.
Lysyy: How to save Caltrain
Yevgeniy Lysyy - 09/29/2010
Sue Lempert insists in "Catch 22" of the Sept. 13 edition of the Daily Journal that we must support high-speed rail because only HSR will save Caltrain.
Roelof van Ark confident of HSR
Rachel Wall - 09/29/2010
In his first major speech as CEO of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, Roelof van Ark unveiled a comprehensive assessment of California's high-speed rail project - expressing confidence but acknowledging the funding, timing and other challenges facing the effort.
Conflict mars rail authority
Bill Silverfarb - 09/29/2010
Two California High-Speed Rail Authority board members have a conflict of interest, according to the state Senate's Legislative Counsel Bureau while a third board member wonders why the Attorney General's Office hasn't done anything about it.
Simon advice--make a wish list
Bill Silverfarb - 09/29/2010
Caltrain's executive officer of public affairs encouraged Belmont city leaders last night to make a wish list when it comes to the possibility of high-speed rail trains zipping through the city.
Kline: HSR discrimnatory to minorities
Alan Kline - 09/29/2010
Mike Brown, whose letter "HSR Hurts Minorities" (Sept. 22 edition of the Daily Journal), has gone up and down the Peninsula claiming that the high-speed rail project will have a discriminatory impact on minority groups.
Belmont will not join HSR suit
Anthony Myers - 09/29/2010
The City Council decided Tuesday to take a wait-and-see approach on an increasingly high-profile lawsuit against California's High-Speed Rail Authority, mirroring Burlingame's decision Friday not to join the suit, which seeks to keep the bullet trains away from the Peninsula.
Pico Rivera hires HSR consultant
Ruby Gonzales - 09/29/2010
City officials voted Tuesday to approve a one-year agreement with a lobbyist to represent its concerns about two high-speed rail lines planned to go through the community.
Wallace: Standing up to high-speed rail
Andrew Wallace - 09/28/2010
It is hard to understand why various city councils (such as Burlingame) along the Peninsula are so reluctant to send a no-confidence vote in the High-Speed Rail Authority board to the governor.
Zobelein: Union Pacific weighs in
Rick Zobelein - 09/28/2010
According to the Wall Street Journal (9/21/10), Union Pacific has advised the High-Speed Rail Authority that "no part of the high-speed corridor be located on the railroads right-of-way or near it.
Caltrain: 'Phase in' bullet train route
Eric Young - 09/24/2010
Fresh off a tour this month of Asian high-speed rail systems, the head of California's planned bullet train expressed optimism for this state's $42.6 billion project.
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