HSR opponents claim victory in Gilroy
Miranda Simon - 10/21/2010
Supporters of the recent "vote of no confidence" resolution against high-speed rail policies are saying Gilroy is on the right track.
Palo Alto blasts HSR station proposal
Gennady Sheyner - 10/21/2010
Palo Alto's chances of hosting a high-speed-rail station suffered a heavy blow Thursday morning, when a City Council committee unanimously agreed to oppose a local station.
Gov signs bill to aid San Bruno victims
Staff - 10/21/2010
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law a bill that provides disaster relief funds to the families and businesses affected by the Sept. 9 San Bruno natural gas explosion and fire.
Pilot power lines for rail system flunked
Staff - 10/20/2010
Poles erected near the Burlingame Caltrain station by the city last week to illustrate what an aerial high-speed rail alignment could look like were taken down on Monday due to safety concerns, according to the public works department.
End of Caltrain 'story poles'
Staff - 10/19/2010
Days after Burlingame unveiled "story poles" next to its historic train station to give the public a better idea of what an aerial high-speed rail structure might look like, the city removed them citing the expense and Caltrain safety concerns.
High-speed rail plan's obstacles for Bay Area
Michael Cabanatuan - 10/19/2010
Decision time on where to start building California's 800-mile high-speed rail system is coming quickly down the tracks - and the Bay Area faces a number of obstacles in winning that designation.
Horgan: Tough to imagine true scope of HSR
John Horgan - 10/18/2010
Last week, Burlingame officials attempted to demonstrate what the impact of a raised four-track rail line might be like in their downtown business district. It was a laudable try.
Burlingame takes down fake railroad
Mike Rosenberg - 10/18/2010
The city's low-budget attempt to portray planned bullet train tracks through use of a fake railroad consisting of two poles and a net was shorter-lived than officials expected.
Burlingame erects 'story poles'
Bill Silverfarb - 10/15/2010
Burlingame unveiled "story poles" next to its historic train station yesterday to give the public a better idea of what an aerial high-speed rail structure might look like.
Andersen: Do high-speed rail right
Dan Andersen - 10/14/2010
Think about lining up five or six large bulldozers side by side, 100 feet across.
Andersen: HSR's cheapest design
Dan Andersen - 10/14/2010
People have been apathetic when it comes to the proposed high-speed rail project.
Burlingame unveils imaginary railroad
Mike Rosenberg - 10/14/2010
There are no tracks, trains or passengers on the city's newest railroad. It can't take you anywhere, and visitors might get the feeling the entire line would collapse in the face of strong winds.
Governor vetoes HSR accountability measures
Mike Rosenberg - 10/13/2010
The financial plan for the state's $43 billion high-speed rail project has come under steady fire in Sacramento, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has rejected fiscal accountability measures approved by lawmakers.
HSR proposal for downtown Redwood City
Staff - 10/13/2010
Engineers and program managers from the California High-Speed Rail Authority held a community meeting in Redwood City Thursday night, Oct. 13, to discuss the possibility of building a station for the proposed rail system in the city's downtown district.
Brown: Problems with high-speed rail
Mike Brown - 10/12/2010
Regarding "High-Speed Rail and Minorities" in the Sept. 29 edition of the Daily Journal, the writer stated that the High-Speed Rail Authority won't disproportionately evict Peninsula minorities.
HSR doesn't need to make a dime
Chikodi Chima - 10/12/2010
There are a lot of good reasons to build California's high speed rail system. Few of them are economic.
Palo Alto not sold on rail station
Gennady Sheyner - 10/11/2010
High-speed rail officials seeking to gauge Palo Alto's interest in a local rail station received an unambiguous message from the community Thursday when not a single resident voiced support for the idea.
HSR uncertainty remains
Miriam Finder - 10/08/2010
The Peninsula Cities Consortium (PCC), an organization dedicated to informing and involving the public on California High Speed Rail (HSR) issues, met Friday morning to discuss actions regarding HSR throughout the Peninsula, outreach to additional Peninsula cities and how Caltrain and federal funding play into the HSR picture.
HSR station designs revealed, debated
Aaron Selverston - 10/07/2010
Early designs for a proposed high-speed rail station were unveiled Thursday night before a curious crowd of Palo Alto residents at City Hall, who grilled rail design staff over traffic, ridership, design and economic concerns.
HSR: Phasing impractical on Peninsula
Bill Silverfarb - 10/05/2010
Building a high-speed train system on the Peninsula in phases makes "no financial sense," according to a letter sent to Caltrain by the California High-Speed Rail Authority Sept. 28.
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