High-Speed Rail chair blasted engineers
Tracy Wood - 12/01/2010
California High-Speed Rail Authority Chairman Curt Pringle had no faith in the engineers responsible for designing and implementing the Anaheim-to-Los Angeles segment of the $43 billion statewide bullet train project, according to e-mails sent by Pringle in January that have been obtained by Voice of OC.
Leaderless high-speed rail
Editorial Board - 11/26/2010
Without change at the top, signals indicate a costly train wreck is dead ahead.
Central Valley towns picked for high-speed rail
Michael Cabanatuan - 11/25/2010
Construction of California's 800-mile high-speed rail system should start with a 54-mile stretch between the small Central Valley towns of Borden and Corcoran, the High-Speed Rail Authority staff recommended Wednesday.
E-mails reveal clashes over HSR project
Rich Connell - 11/24/2010
Two board members also have other transit responsibilities. Do their multiple roles enrich the board or set the scene for conflicting interests?
Mayors want HSR to hit 'reset' button
Bill Silverfarb - 11/24/2010
Now that the lion's share of early federal funding has been committed to the Central Valley for constructing a high-speed rail system, local officials are asking the California High-Speed Rail Authority to hit the "reset" button on its plans for the Peninsula.
GOP wants $2B back from state high-speed rail
Mike Rosenberg - 11/23/2010
Wasting no time after a victorious midterm election, GOP congressional leaders who promised to slash spending are looking to make an example of the nation's priciest public works project: California's $43 billion high-speed railroad.
Council questioning high-speed rail officials
Kenny Porpora - 11/23/2010
The San Carlos city council unanimously voted Monday to send three letters: one to the California High Speed Rail Authority requesting to extend the "DEIR comment period from 45 Days to 90 Days," one to Congress Member Jackie Speier requesting "federal funding for appropriate project planning, studies & underground option cost differential and one to CalTrain CEO Mike Scanlan about the "importance of CalTrain service and high-speed rail."
Politics won't block transit plan
Tom Palmer - 11/22/2010
Polk County business leaders have long dreamed of the economic benefits high-speed rail could bring with it.
Historic tree stands in HSR path
Doug Ray - 11/19/2010
Towering 10 stories above the banks of San Francisquito Creek, the El Palo Alto redwood predates the U.S. Constitution by more than 800 years. It is widely believed to have been a campsite for explorer Gaspar de Portola when he discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769.
Lawmakers seeking more HSR money
Kevin Freking - 11/17/2010
With some incoming governors rejecting money for high-speed rail, California's two U.S. senators are asking the Obama administration to redirect federal funding to their home state.
Lawmakers seek more money for high-speed rail
Kevin Freking - 11/17/2010
With some incoming governors rejecting money for high-speed rail, California's two U.S. senators are asking the Obama administration to redirect federal funding to their home state.
Baker: True support for high-speed rail
John Baker - 11/17/2010
A recent headline that spotted a High-Speed Rail boondoggle seems to have hit a sensitive nerve.
Richard Katz resigns from California HSR
Rich Connell - 11/17/2010
Los Angeles transportation official Richard Katz is stepping down from the state panel overseeing development of California's $43-billion high-speed rail system.
Midterms threaten Obama's rail plans
Michael Cooper - 11/17/2010
The Obama administration's signature transportation initiative is almost always described as "high-speed rail." But more than half of the $10.4 billion the administration has awarded for rail so far has not gone toward real bullet trains, but to build slower, conventional train lines that it hopes will form the foundation of a nationwide high-speed rail network.
City Attorney offers defense of Pringle
Tracy Wood - 11/17/2010
Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle has the right to hold both his elected office and chairmanship of the California High Speed Rail Authority, the Anaheim city attorney says in a letter sent this week to the state attorney general.
Rail firms lack accountability
Anthony Pagnataro - 11/15/2010
The California High-Speed Rail Authority really loves its contractors. It easily employs more than a hundred of them, though the rail authority doesn't seem to know that. In fact, the authority literally has no idea how many sub-contractors are working on the bullet trains - and prefers it that way.
Mountain View lays out rail requests
Diana Samuels - 11/12/2010
The Mountain View City Council plans to stake out its position on several high-speed rail issues next week by sending letters to various officials and agencies.
Why high-speed trains haven't caught on
Jennifer Booton - 11/11/2010
In a country fueled by transportation services and laden with corporate travelers, the United States continues to trail its global neighbors -- by a large margin -- in a seemingly simple, necessary infrastructure: high-speed trains.
Speier: Cities must find consensus on HSR
Drew Himmelstein - 11/11/2010
City leaders from Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood City and Millbrae talked about their concerns on Nov. 9 over the high-speed rail line planned to run through the Peninsula and connect the Bay Area to Southern California.
Hundreds against High-Speed Rail 'Boondoggle'
Miriam Finder, Aaron Selverston - 11/07/2010
Palo Alto Mayor Pat Burt and other locals joined hundreds of demonstrators in Burlingame Sunday morning to rally in protest of the California high-speed rail project.
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