Parent claims schools lack maintenance
Martin Ricard - 12/10/2010
A San Bruno Park School District parent is concerned about maintenance in the schools following several findings about leaky heaters following the evacuation of Portola and Crestmoor in September.
Roundup of Dec. 8 school board meeting
Martin Ricard - 12/08/2010
The proceedings of the meeting included receiving an interim report on the San Bruno Park School District's financial stability and a presentation from the polling firm slated to gauge the public's interest in a bond measure.
Special Ed more important than Parkside construction
Martin Ricard - 12/02/2010
The San Bruno Park School Board on Wednesday night at a special meeting chose fiscal solvency and improved infrastructure as bigger priorities for the district over a remodeled Parkside Intermediate School.
Property tax drop creates budget hole
Heather Murtagh - 12/02/2010
A 14 percent drop in property taxes means the San Bruno Park Elementary School District will fill a new $2.66 million budget hole with one-time funds from the sale of a school site intended to help build a new state-of-the-art middle school.
School District to tackle property-tax revenue loss
Neil Gonzales - 11/30/2010
The San Bruno Park School District could hold off on a renovation project for Parkside Intermediate School to divert funds that would help address a greater-than-expected decrease in property tax revenue.
Belle Air Elementary a charter school?
Daniel Beckman - 11/10/2010
The proceedings from the San Bruno Park School Board meeting included laying out plans to get Belle Air Elementary out of Program Improvement status and prioritizing how money from the sale of the former Sandberg site would be spent.
Schools sue county for $20 million
Michelle Durand - 10/14/2010
San Mateo County and Treasurer-Tax Collector Lee Buffington owe 13 county school districts approximately $20 million that should be used to educate children but instead was lost when officials knowingly kept the money invested in flailing Lehman Brothers, according to a claim filed on the districts' behalf.
School Board gets test results
Daniel Beckman - 10/14/2010
The following is a roundup of Wednesday's San Bruno Park School Board meeting, which took place over nearly four hours.
School enrollment drops third straight year
Martin Ricard - 10/11/2010
For the third year in a row, enrollment at San Bruno Park schools has declined.
San Bruno schools improve
Martin Ricard - 09/30/2010
The state's Department of Education released the latest statewide test results on Sept. 13. But with the Crestmoor fire being on everyone's minds, we decided to hold off a little on posting the results for San Bruno Park schools until things began to cool down.
School districts mired in border battle
Sarah Haughey - 08/22/2010
The San Bruno Park and South San Francisco Unified school districts are in a dispute over boundary lines adopted in 1977.
Conflict sparking over former school site
Heather Murtagh - 08/10/2010
A nine-acre parcel formerly used as an elementary school is the center of a conflict between South San Francisco and San Bruno over who gets tax revenue from recently constructed homes and where children who live there should be educated.
Solar panels could power school district
Heather Murtagh - 07/09/2010
Solar panels could soon produce most of the energy needed to run San Bruno elementary and middle schools, after the district board voted to move forward with designs for such a project Wednesday.
Schools should consolidate special ed
Heather Murtagh - 07/08/2010
Combining special education services across multiple school districts could save money while maintaining access to tailored services, according to a San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury report released Wednesday.
Exploring college early
Heather Murtagh - 07/01/2010
Matt and Nick Huang were putting the finishing touches on one of their first college projects ever - a claymation movie.
San Bruno Council hears presentations
Joe Capote - 04/28/2010
The San Bruno city council received a number of presentations and reports from staff as well as members of the San Bruno Park School District board. Most of the reports focused on the quarterly financial reporting.
San Bruno to move forward with teacher layoffs
Joseph Capote - 03/11/2010
During a well attended board meeting at Crestmoor school last night, the San Bruno Park school district board unanimously voted to move forward with proposed teacher layoffs in order to meet its budget shortfall. The board, driven by a deadline of March 15th, will be issuing letters of intent to the affected staff. The district is required to maintain fiscal solvency and must reduce expenditures by $3.3 million for the 2010-2011 school year.
Skip Henderson resigns over conflict
Heather Murtagh - 02/19/2010
Noting a perception of a conflict of interest, Skip Henderson resigned from his post as chair of the committee charged with identifying surplus property for the San Mateo Union High School District yesterday.
Bill to help SB schools picks up steam
Neil Gonzales - 06/06/2008
A bill to help the San Bruno Park School District's budget problems is halfway to becoming law.
SB schools bill passes committee
Staff - 05/13/2008
Bills authored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) to help two local San Mateo County communities are quickly moving through the legislative process.
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